Divorce mediation is where husband and wife
who decided to go through a divorce, hire a third party called a mediator to
reach an agreement according to what is best for both parties. With the help of
the mediator, the couple will walk through all issues and resolves each of them
so that the marriage can
be ended

as amicably and as cost-effective as possible.

There are times when agreement can be reached
easily while there are times where it will take time and a lot of work. But
when it’s really hard to reach an agreement, the mediator will then intervene
and assist the couple in their decision making. Mediators are there to help the
couple not to be lost in the process and make them focused on the issue

If you are considering family mediation for your divorce, here are the things you should expect.

Number of sessions

If everything goes on smoothly, the whole process could end before you even realize it. But there is a possibility that the mediation will take longer as expected if some serious matter arises. Generally, the first session will last up to two hours. If the mediator sees progress, and if the time and situation allow, there could be a chance to continue going on to the third and fourth sessions and so on. However, the mediator can also see if it doesn’t make sense to continue around the second session and even by just the first session alone.


Most of the time, a mediator expects that
both parties will agree to share a 50-50 basis for the cost of the mediation
process. There are different options on how the couple can pay for this. One of
the parties can shoulder a more significant percentage of the cost if he or she
agrees. The couple can also opt to pay for the cost and reimburse themselves
out of a joint asset. Another option is for one to cover all the mediation
expenses and then take the other party’s share after the ultimate settlement.

The couples are expected to pay in advance
before each session, or you can also pay immediately after a completed session.
Note that the cost is based on the hourly rate of the mediator for the time he
or she spends in preparing each session, conducting the process, and providing
follow-ups. The cost can be paid by cash, cheque, Direct debit, Visa, and

Structured Decision

In order for the process to be successful, you are expected to reveal everything, including your finances, assets, your goals after your divorce, and other issues involved. Be prepared to discuss matters of your marriage and finances and bring supporting documentation. You can’t expect the session to be the counselling type. During the discussion, the mediator may cut you off if you or your spouse goes way out of line, which is very common, especially when emotions are high. You can expect the decision of the mediator to be organized and carefully approached regarding the division of your assets, support system, and custody arrangement.