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I can honestly say I would not want anyone except David Ronald LeRoy representing me as my attorney. I had an extremely difficult and complex divorce case involving numerous countries and jurisdictions. Despite these and many other complications, Dave handled this whole case in a most competent, professional manner. He has always been outstanding in answering any questions, responding in a quick and timely manner and was always courteous and patient with me even though I was often a frustrating and unhelpful client. I have nothing but the highest regard for Dave both personally and professionally.
I was a private investigator in New York State for over 15 years and have worked with numerous attorneys in divorce and other cases, and I have not found any that surpass Dave in skill, integrity and work ethics.
Perhaps the highest compliment I can give Dave is that not only did he act as a lawyer but also as a friend. He is a man of warmth, compssion and integrity in a field which is not known for these qualities.

Paul Almstead

Divorce is either messy and expensive, or fair for both parties. It's a tough time for both of you!

You can hire David LeRoy, or, simply stay confused and angry and let the blood muddy the waters. It doesn't have to be so difficult and nasty!
He'll find the solutions to your hardship, fair and square so everyone comes out with less drama and expense.  His skills and patience are amazing! His fees reasonable!
He handled my divorce and although I hope to never need his services again, if I do l know who I'll call...

J. of Venura County

I met David LeRoy approximately 18 years ago. I found out on a Friday that I was to be in court the following Monday. I was in immediate need of an attorney and the only attorney who called me back on a Saturday was David. He met me the next day in his office. When we arrived in court David came in totally prepared while taking a huge rock off my back with my own anxiousness.  He took control over a situation when I couldn't think straight.  Going to court can be scary and emotionally draining. David was there helping me through all of it. I've been in the medical field for over 20 years and consider myself a pretty smart person. I'm so glad I met David and have referred others to him. He is a smart, straight forward, kind and compassionate person which makes him such a valuable attorney to anyone who needs his help.
I have since needed him through the years for other legal matters that have arisen. David has always been trustworthy and really listens to his clients needs.

Haroula Henney

Impressive and solid knowledge of law coupled with strong ethics, patience and care all make David LeRoy an outstanding lawyer.

He makes you feel assured that he will take care of you. He was punctual and right on top of all issues.

He was very helpful to me when I was going through a divorce and had to use his services two to three times.

I whole heartedly recommend and endorse him.

Scott Tryon


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