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ONLINE REDUCED COST FLAT FEE Family Law Divorce Mediation by California Lawyers

For families who wish to avoid the cost of going to court during a divorce, Internet Divorce Mediation offers extremely low cost choices for mediation.

We are California attorneys offering Statewide mediated divorce services at a significantly reduced cost. We have handled hundreds of mediated divorces and now we have discovered a method of bringing our services to you. With over 50 years combined experience in family law, this option is ideal for parties seeking divorce, or resolution of other family law disputes, on a budget.

In today’s world of interactive technology, we provide online mediation services; a live, real-time interactive experience – not simply a pre-packaged kit, in the same confidential, cost-effective and high-quality manner as traditional face-to-face mediation.

Businesses have been conducting online meetings to get work done and troubleshoot logistical problems for years, from anywhere to creating general introductions with new clients… all the way to transacting large mergers and acquisitions. With the explosion of the number of people and families using desk/laptop and mobile devices in the American household, why not conduct your divorce online with experienced divorce mediators for a fraction of the price of litigation?

Mediation brings together creative thinking and innovative problem solving to your situation without compromising the personal human dimension. This service is ideal for individuals who:

  • Live in remote areas where distance is an issue;
  • Have difficulties scheduling care for children;
  • Have overt hostility existing within the relationship;
  • Are amicable and are desiring to reach agreements quickly, fairly and inexpensively;
  • Require modification of post-judgment issues.

Internet Divorce Mediation provides a cost-effective means of negotiating all settlement issues of your family dispute including (Clients are provided with all completed documents to file and execute their own divorce):

  • Parents Plans
  • Custody
  • Spousal Support
  • Property Settlement
  • Other Family Disputes

With a single “flat fee” for services Internet Divorce Mediation has removed both the anxiety of an uncomfortable environment and worries over the final cost.

If you wish to pursue an affordable divorce contact us to learn more about the flat-fee options. Call 805 200-7090 to schedule a consultation.


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